Start your own Campaign

Why Solarize?

Solarize campaigns help homes and business in the same area go solar together through locally organized community outreach. Working side by side, Solarize members can negotiate rates collectively, select an installer competitively, and decrease up-front costs associated with going solar. Solarize campaigns have helped hundreds of households and businesses access clean, locally produced power

Solarize Buffalo Niagara helps communities develop Solarize Campaigns as part of New York State’s Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA)’s Clean Energy Communities program.  Our team works with participating communities to develop individual campaigns, work with local installers that provide high level costumer service, offer discounted rates for Solarize participants, and help communities take control of their energy futures with Solar electricity.  Campaigns usually run for a limited time and can generate Millions of Dollars in economic activity for a municipality.

How can we help you get started?

We’ll provide Template Resolutions, Application Assistance, Model RFPs, and other documentation to support the development of your community’s Solarize campaign;

We’ll work with you to customize an outreach strategy to make your campaign a success;

We can develop marketing and outreach materials (including website) specifically for your campaign;

We’ll be there for outreach support and other technical assistance throughout the duration of the campaign;

We’ll celebrate and uplift the success of your Solarize Campaign after it’s close.

If you are interested in Starting a Solarize Campaign in your community please contact Erie-Niagara’s Clean Energy Coordinator, Jason Kulaszewski at to get started.