How It Works

Solar is good for your pocketbook, the environment, and our economy.

Solarize makes it easy for residents and businesses looking to go solar to get started. Following these four easy steps, you can get solar panels installed from qualified vendors at rates up to 20% below the market rate.

Schedule a free solar evaluation today!

Participating Communities are working with local solar installers who will come to your house, check out how solar can work for you, and explain how installation works as well as your discounted pricing options.

Go to your local community campaign page to sign-up for your free solar evaluation today!

Get your discounted price from the installer(s)

After your community’s Solarize installer(s) come to your home or business, they will give you a quote with reduced pricing options for installation.

Sign up before your Community’s Solarize Campaign ends to save money!

Choose your installer and get your panels installed

Once you’ve explored if solar is right for you and your property, it’s now time to sign a contract with your preferred installer and schedule your installation.

Start saving on your monthly electric bill

As your solar panels produce electricity, you will see savings on your monthly utility bill for years to come, while contributing to a healthier earth and a greener community.